Founded in 1976 , the Metallurgical Fava has featured prominently in hospital and dental sectors , the result of much dedication combined with competence and care in every step of the process produtivo.Iniciando with the manufacture of cases , soon expanded its line for trays , tubs and drums , motivated by the need to provide high quality products to professionals , it made the Metallurgical Fava reached a position of prominence and recognition both domestically and internationally.


Backed by its experience and based on that need to be qualifying the market with products compatible with the evolution of the knowledge acquired by its employees , in 1989 we began to manufacture Diamond Burs , with unique process incorporating diamond , providing greater durability and strength.


In 2002 , we began producing masks and caps disposable polypropylene - woven in - the result of investments made with its own funds , the acquisition of the latest machines and personnel qualification



In 2010 , with the same vocation and commitment to quality , the company invested in the manufacture of dental instruments and podiatry . With the latest machines and skilled labor , once again the success was achieved , with recognition in the institutions and professionals .